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Our Goals:

Customer Relations: At Chinook Fabrics, we need satisfied customers. We are not happy if you are not happy.

Human Resources:. We value our employees. We feel the best way to keep customers happy is to have employees who are appreciated, who can have a real say as to what should be done and how to do it. We want them to be happy and proud to be Chinook Fabric employees.

Community: We would like to be good corporate citizens and help preserve High River's small town atmosphere for as long as possible.

What about the owner? Lucie's goal (shared by her husband) is to enjoy life as much as possible by doing something useful, challenging and ultimately fun (for us). While we would like Chinook Fabrics to be a financial success, this is not our main objective. We do want very much for Chinook Fabrics to be a success.  For us, that means satisfied customers, content employees and the feeling we are contributing in some small way to the wellbeing of the community. We do believe that if we manage that, the financial aspect will take care of itself.

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