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Here you can get a glimpse of  what it is that makes Chinook Fabrics what it is.

Born in a small town in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Lucie has two older siblings and three younger ones.  In what would be the first of three major turning points in her life so far, she met Francois doing what she has always done: community service.  She married a family of three, quickly made it a family of four and began a “new” life; going from being an independent, working, young woman to a stay at home mom.  Later returning to community service, Lucie was eventually in charge of the Alzheimer Foundation of the Vallée de la Matapédia, a region in Eastern Quebec. Moving to Alberta was the second turning point in Lucie's life. It wasn't easy for her, especially with a limited knowledge of English, to leave her family behind. She has over the years overcome this difficulty and has become the bilingual woman we know today. Lucie has always had an artistic bent. Silk painting, crafting and working with bobbin lace; a method she learnt from Sister Marie Luce, a retired nun she came to know in a convent, were favorite hobbies until she moved to Alberta. In Alberta she first learned the craft of Hardanger. Lucie had always wanted to learn the art of quilting. With time on her hands and abundant quilting facilities close by, she quickly became adept at making quilts. She began (I am sure she is not the only one) a tradition of making quilts for relatives and friends for special occasions such as sixtieth birthdays. The quilt featured in our opening page is a Crazy Quilt she made for Francois’s 60  birthday. In their travels, there have been few quilt shops that they haven’t visited.  Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to visit Lucie’s workshop in her home can attest to, she simply gets joy from being close to fabrics.

Thus, the stage was set for Lucie’s third turning point. English was no longer a handicap. The stay at home mom was no more. As someone commented at the time “Lucie and Chinook Fabrics seems a nice fit”. It allowed Lucie to put to good use her administrative skills, her artistic bent, her love of quilting and fabrics, her natural friendliness and people skills, and her passion and innate desire to do well whatever she does. If Lucie’s past has any predictive value for the future, Chinook Fabrics is going to have a very interesting next few years.

Mavis, Chinook Fabrics veteran employee, was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  She has a twin brother.  After graduating from high school she completed Business College.  Mavis has been living in Alberta since 1974.  She is married to Merv, has two children and five grandchildren. She has enjoyed many different hobbies including hand embroidery, decorative painting, sewing clothes, crafts and quilting.  Most recently Mavis and her daughter Rachelle have begun repurposing vintage objects or wood. Ask her about it, it is fascinating! She has been quilting since 1988. She still remembers fondly her first project.  She was taught by Glenda Cutforth how to make a Victorian fan tree skirt.   In 1992 she began working for Chinook Fabrics.  Her years of experience, her innate talent combined with her pleasant, energetic personality make her a valuable and appreciated employee.

Born in Montreal in the first half of the century shortly after a certain World War, Francois went to McGill University to obtain his MD. After getting married, he took further training in the US and Montreal to become a general surgeon. He also became a dad. He then practiced his craft in nice, small towns throughout Quebec and New Brunswick. Early on, he got divorced, took care of his two kids, all the while searching for “the one”. Finally, he found Lucie. He got remarried and had another kid. Eventually, he landed in High River, the nicest small town of all. He semi-retired from General Surgery in 2006 and has now retired completely (from general surgery). He likes to think he has recycle himself as a sewing machine repairman. “You be the judge” he says. Francois also has an artistic bent. While he doesn’t always know why, he can usually tell if there is a problem with quilt’s design, concept, colour scheme etc.

Do you think it would be nice to have your bio here. Or maybe you know someone whose bio would be a good fit. Talk it over with Lucie and the staff.