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If you are in a hurry don't bother to read the this. I am just rambling

As far as fabrics go, there is no absolute criteria to determine whether or not a fabric pattern, color scheme, design pleases you or not. Its a question of taste. And taste varies from individual to individual. Of course, there are trends and guidelines as to what constitutes “good” taste but.... ultimately, it's the customer's call. The person(s) who buy fabrics for a quality fabric store try to anticipate what their customers will like. After a while, they get to know their customers and what they like as a group and sometimes as individuals. They are influenced of course by their own taste.

All of this to say that since Lucie has taken over Chinook Fabrics; the selection of fabrics offered has changed significantly, reflecting Lucie's own tastes and her perception of what her customers (your) taste  are. Did she do a good job? There are only two ways to answer this question. Ask people who are customers of Chinook Fabrics what they think. And better still, come see for yourself. At the very least, you will spend an interesting hour enjoying looking at the various selection of fabrics available. And, you will be able to guide Lucie and her knowledgeable staff as to what your tastes are so they can better serve you in the future.

Just so you know, In early January(2013) we had over 1100 different bolts of fabric in the store. Where does that put Chinook fabrics in the order of things. The short answer is “I don't know!”. If you allow me to speculate I would say this:

RE box stores; 1100 bolts is a drop in the bucket for these stores, But remember, all Chinook Fabrics’ fabric is high quality cotton. How many bolts of high quality cotton fabric does the typical box store carry? I suspect less than 1100 bolts, some possibly none at all.

RE other more comparable quilt or fabric stores; in this case, I don't think the absolute number of bolts is as important as whether or not the of fabrics offered fit your taste. You are the only one who can decide where we stand in your order of things. You can however tell Lucie and the staff what they need to do to get to be (or remain) your number one.


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